Project Description

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles is the most precise, comprehensive and cost-effective processing method available on the market. The advantage of the laser over conventional machining is greater accuracy, flexibility and much faster lead times, which translates into lower production costs. The high quality of cutting eliminates the need for additional operations that we have to deal with when using standard technology. We offer cutting services on the TruLaser TUBE 5000 cutting machine from TRUMPF.

At the customer's request, we subject laser-cut components to additional processes such as bending, welding, powder coating and assembly of the components into the final product. With our services, you receive the highest quality and material optimisation.

Technical parameters:
Work area:

  • X axis 6500mm

  • Y axis 310 mm

  • Z axis 170 mm

Detail dimensions:

  • max. workpiece length 6500 mm
  • maximum circumference diameter 152 mm

  • min. pipe diameter 20 mm

Maximum thickness of cut materials:

  • Structural steel up to 8 mm

  • Stainless steel up to 5 mm

  • Aluminium up to 4 mm

complex services

Laser sheet metal cutting is just one of the many services we offer:

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