Project Description

We provide comprehensive sheet metal bending services on TRUMPF CNC press brakes, i.e. the TruBend 5320, TruBend 5230, TruBend 5085 and TruBend 7050: TruBend 5320,TruBend 5230,TruBend 5085,TruBend 7050.The experience of our employees and high service standards guarantee the highest quality and 100% repeatability of the bending.

We have an extensive tool stock, dedicated to different grades of steel, so there is no possibility of damaging the surface of the bent parts. Specialised tool shapes enable us to carry out complex and precise bends and thus fully meet the expectations of our customers. Appropriate modern product quality control systems guarantee 100% correctly manufactured parts.

Maximum thickness of bent sheets:

  • structural steel up to 15mm.
  • acid-resistant steel up to 10mm.
  • aluminium up to 6mm.

Length of bent elements:

  • up to 4mb.

We provide a quote based on technical documentation or a sample.

complex services

Laser sheet metal cutting is just one of the many services we offer:

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