KNIOCH has been in business since 1989, we are a modern, rapidly growing company with extensive industry experience.

We provide comprehensive metalworking services, and continuous investment in modern machinery and staff training guarantees our customers the highest quality on the market.

Today, the KNIOCH company is:

  • 200 skilled employees, including engineers, technologists, designers, and production workers who are constantly developing their skills

  • more than 6,000 square metres of production area equipped with technology enabling the manufacture of specialised and large-scale elements

  • an enterprise operating according to the following standards: ISO 9001 quality management system, welding ISO 3834-2, rail vehicle construction EN 15085-2 and the fabrication and assembly of steel structures EN1090 EXC2

We offer our customers complete fabrication of products, the creation of which consists of processes such as laser cutting of sheet metal, laser cutting of tubes and profiles, plastic sheet metal working, machining, robot welding and powder coating.

We can make anything out of metal – we invite you to cooperate.

Quality policy

The aim of all our activities is to provide customers with products of the highest quality. We treat every customer as a partner and invest the means and resources to identify and meet customer requirements in order to increase customer satisfaction, while at the same time taking care to meet other requirements, e.g. legal requirements, which we are obliged to comply with.

For us, the quality of our services means an individual approach to each issue, in which our customer receives expert advice and a product of the highest quality. The measure of our work is the satisfaction of our customers.

To meet these standards we want to:

  • identify customer expectations with regard to our services
  • qualify suppliers on their ability to meet our requirements
  • enhance own skills and improve staff qualifications
  • ensure that actions are taken in a timely manner
  • develop through continuous process improvement
  • develop through investment in new technologies

Caring for the high quality of our services and products, we make every effort to ensure that these activities have the least possible negative impact on the environment, waste emissions and the consumption of natural resources.

This Quality Management System Policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 has been communicated to all KNIOCH personnel as a binding standard of conduct in the performance of their daily duties.

Management Board of KNIOCH M. Sp. K.

Środa Wielkopolska, 01.10.2019 r.